Track cargos, not vessels.
Need to know the who / when / why
and how much behind every energy cargo ?
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Gain complete visibility

Bridge the gap between shipping and trading to reveal the commercial story behind every cargo.

Uncover hidden market movements which would otherwise go unnoticed.

Expect unmatched precision of data achieved through berth-level mapping, terminal storage statistics, and even vessel boil-off rates.

Feature 1
Make informed decisions

Rely on perfect vessel coverage from our aggregated meta-AIS network, providing you with the most up-to-date locations and destinations.

Gain access to official port authority schedules, and be the first to know final cargo destinations across the globe.

Feature 2
Monitor your competition

Assess the global scope of every player by looking at their fleet and capacities.

View current, past, and future charters & contracts, and determine the players behind every vessel and every trade.

Receive analyst updates on irregular behaviours and other interesting cargo movements: ship to ship (), re-exports (), partial cargoes (), diversions ().

Feature 3
Anticipate market changes

Leverage our algorithms to predict vessel destinations, based on historical patterns, commercial data and real-time shipping updates.

React first to unexpected changes or potential market risks with real-time alerts on your favorite vessels, regions, or installations.

Feature 4
Uncover market trends

Manipulate our comprehensive database to build personalized models, analyze data from every angle, and achieve meaningful results.

Discover hidden patterns and developing trends through bottom-up computations.

Feature 5

Founded in Paris in 2009, Kpler is an intelligence company providing transparency solutions in energy markets. We develop proprietary technologies that systematically aggregate data from hundreds of sources, ranging from logistics and commercial, to governmental and shipping databases. By connecting the dots across fragmented information landscapes, we are able to deliver our clients with unique real-time market coverage.

We rely on intelligent people to build intelligent software. Our team is composed of individuals of various backgrounds, with diversified

skill sets and international experiences. Our clients are players across the energy market spectrum, with offices from Houston to Tokyo.

Our steadfast dedication to innovation is key to our success. By building close-knit relations with all of our clients, they can feel safe in trusting us with sensitive data, while also knowing that we will strive to bring them new and improved products on a monthly basis. In the rapidly evolving energy markets, being the first to know can make all the difference. And that’s where Kpler comes in.