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All you need for total market clarity

With decades of on-the-ground experience coupled with deep algorithmic technology, Kpler provides real-time data on seaborne imports and exports across a huge variety of commodities.

Developed for the user, Kpler’s platform exposes data & analytics across cargoes, freight, and inventories along with highly-respected commentary from a team of expert analysts.

Kpler’s platform, a trusted source for thousands, lifts the veil on typically opaque markets and allows users to pinpoint opportunities in real time, before the competition.


Gain the deepest understanding of global trades

  • Real-Time Seaborne Trade Flows
  • Covers Oil, Gas, Refined, and Dry Bulk products
  • Includes commercial trade details, cargo volumes, voyages and portcalls, and much more


Decrypt the maritime market

  • Vessel Performance Indicators across the global Oil, Gas, Refined, and Dry Bulk fleets
  • Tap into congestion, fleet utilization, fleet development data, performance, and more
  • Monitor any commercial fleet in the world


Get visibility of the global storage picture in one comprehensive solution

  • Global crude inventory monitoring
  • Drone monitoring of the Cushing oilfield twice a week
  • LNG Inventories
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Stay one step ahead with global trading news & research and analytics

  • 25+ Analysts providing daily, weekly and monthly commentary across Kpler’s coverage
  • Fuelled by Kpler’s proprietary data
  • Real-Time LNG News


Simplify data aggregation and tame the power market

  • Save time accessing pre-aggregated data
  • AI modeled forecasts
  • Lean interfaces and customizable alerts
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crude supply & demend

Get a faster and more trusted way to analyse crude oil markets around the globe

  • View data on stock changes, direct use, net exports and more
  • Built on best-in-class maritime trade flow and inventory data
  • 18 Month Forward View

Powered by the largest commodities data refinery in the world

extracted data
expert analysts
Kpler delivers intelligence to customers through a unique methodology that brings together hundreds of sources from AIS signals to port reports. Once data is extracted and run through relevant algorithms, our team of expert analysts validates the data to ensure quality. From there, Kpler is able to seamlessly push data into our terminal, Excel-Add In, API/SDK, Snowflake and more.

USE cases

Why Kpler?

With hundreds of clients around the world, Kpler provides 24/7 global support across many languages and six continents. We work with your teams to optimize your workflow and resolve any technical issues or market questions that you might have.

Vessel Tracking

Track any vessel movement and position in real-time (map, AIS feed), including vessel specifications
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Fleet Development & Utilization Evaluation

Understand the fleet availability to fix profitable voyages, manage fleet, optimize planned routes and anticipate congestions.
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Player & Competition Watch

Watch movements and trades of global players to anticipate their moves and be the first to trade.
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Commodities Flows & Inventories Tracking

Understand global cargo volumes and flows of every commodity and inventories to know when make the most efficient trade.
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Supply & Demand Balances Modeling

Key inputs to model the commodities or freight supply and demand to understand the macro trends before anyone else.
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Prices Evaluation & Modeling

Understand drivers of commodity or freight price evolution and incorporate it in your own pricing model.
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Journalism & Market Research

Understand macro-trends, geopolitical impact, and commodities focused events. Through data, news or market reports.
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Risk & Investment Evaluation

Evaluation of companies performances, volume and type of trades, with whom, and their sustainability.
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Systematic Trading Support

Provide clean and accurate data to traders to build signals and models to trade systematically.
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Environmental Impact Evaluation

Support the evaluation of the environmental impact of companies or fleet by providing the vessel and trade information.
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Supply Chain Operations Support

Support the management and optimization of supply chain processes by providing key information on fleet movements.
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In our blog you'll find a host of articles and reports from market outlook to Kpler news.
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As the dust settles on November crude exports, the impact of winter storms appears to have halted a three-month consecutive streak of record monthly exports. But there is one record achieved in November – that of a high watermark for daily crude exports. On 17 November, after a lone 693 kb loading on the previous day from Houston, some 12.45 Mb were loaded across five ports – the highest volume since the US crude export ban was lifted in late 2015.

Russia’s single largest export pipeline to the EU, Nord Stream 1, will remain unavailable this winter. The pipeline’s unplanned outage was extended until April. The EU is striving to replace the lost Nord Stream 1 supplies and overall most of the lost Russian pipeline supplies with global LNG.

Front month calendar spreads show that Friday's selloff hit crude harder than products. That being said, hedge funds likely continued to liquidate long positions in ICE gasoil, after selling 6,200 contracts in the week ending November 15th.

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Kpler is the gold standard for commodity markets data.
Broker, Independent Trading company
We had one eye open with our previous provider, now with Kpler we can finally see.
Business Development, Integrated oil company
Kpler fully integrated and user friendly solution makes it easy for anyone with and interest or involved in trade to connect the dots.
FGE - Fact Global Energy

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