Unparalleled Scope

Over the years we have built the widest commodity tree in the space now covering over 40 commodities including gas, liquids, petrochemicals and dry markets. Following robust and proven methodology, our team of seasoned market analysts are able to bring precision you can’t find elsewhere, so you always have the best data across the ecosystem.






Data you can trust - Thoroughly backtested

We promise the best data quality in the market and continually backtest our data to make sure we deliver. We backtest with the official reporting organisations for imports and exports per country, such as JODI, EIA and many more.

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“I was getting consistent top notch support from Kpler’s sales team, analysts and data specialists, and was able to build a fully functional systematic quant strategy utilizing their real-time data feeds.”

Systematic Portfolio Manager, Quantitative Investment Firm, New York City

"Kpler’s fully integrated and user-friendly solutions makes it easy for anyone with an interest or involved in trade to connect the dots"

“It’s simple : we made in a week several times over your subscription costs on your data”

Head of Market Research, Financials, New York

"Kpler is the gold standard of commodity markets intelligence"

Broker, Large Independent Company, London

“Kpler changed the industry"

Analyst, Utility, Tokyo

"We had one eye open with our previous provider and now with Kpler we can finally see."

Business Development, Integrated Oil Company, Houston

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