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Anticipate future cargo movements with the most trustworthy data in the market and advanced AI technology.

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Catch with a glimpse all the successive operations of laden vessels. Identify routes, patterns, risky areas... by overlooking the historical tracks of the fleet.


Pick up all the past, ongoing and future operations of the fleet. Whether it is standard loads and discharges, or Ship-to-Ships, reexports, canal crossings and dry docking, access it all from one place.


Follow the cargo, not only the vessel. Grab the essential information with a glance: vessels involved, seller, charterer, buyer, grade, terminal of origin & destination and even the source of the cargo data.


Capturing an operation in a port is easy. Capturing an exchange of cargo between two moving vessels at sea is another level of complexity. Retrieve these operations in your dataset thanks to our state of the art methodology.


Access unmatched quality for commodity flows. Either you are interested in the products imported in a terminal or the charterers for export from an entire region, be sure to get the data that will give you an edge.

Canal Crossings

Gain insights on vital importance of canal crossings on world flows. Either from our flows aggregation feature or from the map, identify the patterns and vessels taking these paths.

Commodities on Water

Get the laden quantities of the products of your choice per sea, continent or country. More attentive to the granularity? Retrieve the list of vessels carrying them on the same page.

Floating Storage

Follow the evolution of commodity storage at sea. Combined with our Inventories product, it is a complete overview of stockpiles just a click away.


Sometimes, tabular view remains the best. Access the most furbished and independent resource of charter's data. On subs, failed, In progress, we've got it all.

Vessel Matcher

Find vessels most suitable for your voyage. Match the right vessel with right cargo. A fast and easy way to monitor any fleet.


Evaluate travel time and cost of a journey, either from one port to another, or directly from a vessel current position. Run and compare multiple calculations easily.
Canal Crossings
Commodities on Water
Floating Storage
Vessel Matcher

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Access the data from our Terminal from the web or your mobile. Find contextual informations and analytics tools such as dashboards, calculators, watchlists and more for you to draw insights from the data at scale, anywhere in the world at any time.


Use the supercharged API to access Kpler's data ecosystem and download the data you need whenever you need it. Use the intuitive Python SDK to access the data or to build advanced data science model and derive unique insights.

Excel Add-in

The simplest way to download your data directly into excel and start slicing and dicing your data as you want.


‍No need to pull the data anymore, the LiveDB streams directlynto your BI tools such as Tableau, Power BI or others. This live feed uses the latest data modeling and access technology to ensure it is optimized and delivers a real time feed from the Kpler database


Kpler’s Reports are written by seasoned and renowned market experts fuelling their analysis with Kpler’s data, which comprehensiveness and accuracy remains unparalleled in the market. You will benefits from those insight and derive critical strategies to beat the competition.
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7 min
Mar 24, 2021

Suez Canal blockage continues, delaying more than 20 liquid/gas tankers

Alex Booth
Head of Research

Overnight on Tuesday, the container Ship Ever Given ran aground in a southern part of the Suez Canal, a rare event in the history of the waterway. The potential for a rapid build-up of liquid and gas tankers in the region is marked with multiple laden vessels now indicating delays for Suez transit. As of Wednesday morning there were seven vessels carrying crude, 15 carrying refined products, five LNG vessels and two LPG carriers either sat waiting or approaching the canal. While attempts to clear the ship from the canal continue, this queue will continue to build. A salvage squad from the Netherlands will attempt to dislodge the ship beginning Thursday.

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Data & Tech
8 min
Mar 10, 2021

Gaining visibility on dark vessels and hidden trends in the market, Iranian exports of crude oil to China

Janus Juay
Oil Market Data Analyst

Having up to the minute visibility on market developments is key to predicting movements in supply and demand that can impact price. As market players try to keep track of the country’s imports in near real time, many struggle to do so due to the increase in the use of dark vessels shipping sanctioned oil. We uncover how China imports from Iran has increased and how you how to track these to gain an edge in the market.

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Data & Tech
6 min
Mar 1, 2021

Spotting dark vessels from Iran and Venezuela - Ship-to-ship transfers and missing AIS signals.

Emmanuel Belostrino
Oil Market Data Manager

Accurately tracking flows of cargoes in commodity markets has been a challenge for a long time. Kpler has been a pioneer in developing the technology to accurately track commodity market flows. However, some countries are using a variety of techniques to disguise some cargo movements such as switching AIS signals or Ship to Ship transfers. Kpler team of analysts are able to identify these bringing light to the hidden moves of the market.

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