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Access data in our Terminal from the web or mobile. Find contextual information and analytical tools such as dashboards, calculators, watchlists and more for you to draw insights at scale, anywhere in the world at any time.


Use the supercharged API to access Kpler's data ecosystem and download the data you need, whenever you need it. Use the intuitive Python SDK to access the data or to build advanced data science model and derive unique insights.

Excel Add-In

The simplest way to download data directly into excel and start slicing and dicing as you need.

Live DB

No need to pull data anymore. LiveDB streams directly into your BI tools such as Tableau, Power BI or others. The live feed uses the latest data modeling and access technology to ensure it is optimized and delivers a real time feed from the Kpler database

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“I was getting consistent top notch support from Kpler’s sales team, analysts and data specialists, and was able to build a fully functional systematic quant strategy utilizing their real-time data feeds.”

Systematic Portfolio Manager, Quantitative Investment Firm, New York City

"Kpler’s fully integrated and user-friendly solutions makes it easy for anyone with an interest or involved in trade to connect the dots"

“It’s simple : we made in a week several times over your subscription costs on your data”

Head of Market Research, Financials, New York

"Kpler is the gold standard of commodity markets intelligence"

Broker, Large Independent Company, London

“Kpler changed the industry"

Analyst, Utility, Tokyo

"We had one eye open with our previous provider and now with Kpler we can finally see."

Business Development, Integrated Oil Company, Houston

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