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Onshore and offshore, access both
without compromises.

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countries reviewed


onshore and offshore barrels tracked


tanks monitored

The most comprehensive inventories data & analytics solution in the market

Monitor global inventory trends by tracking onshore and offshore storage movements

Integrate satellite and AIS data into a singular viewpoint to gain the clearest understanding of the past, present, and future inventories market.

Analyze insights into 5.4Bn barrels of onshore storage at the macro and micro levels

Review the highest quality inventories data at the country, installation, player, and tank functionality level to help you make the most well-informed decisions against the competition.

Access, and view, the data by means that best suit your needs and easily derive insights

Visualize the data, down the to the tank level, with the interactive map for granular insights or utilize the terminal's seasonality chart to track trends.

The unique truly integrated approach to understand the world inventories

Global Crude Inventories

With a reach of 16.6K tanks, totalling over 5.4Bn barrels of onshore storage, across more than 80 countries, Kpler Inventories is the necessary solution to understanding the global inventories market.

Satellite Imagery

Satellites make global crude coverage a possibility. Utilized to monitor inventory and capacity movements where clarity was previously not a possibility.

Drone Monitoring - Cushing

Take action with the highest quality insights into Cushing, OK before the rest of the market. Drone captured imagery, both visual and infrared, provides users with complete, biweekly, insights into the WTI delivery point.

Floating Storage

Review commodity trends beyond onshore storage in a single interface. Integrate more than 2.1Bn barrels of floating storage into your analytics for the most complete inventories coverage on the market.

Cargo Tracking Enhancement

Analyze inventory reactions to imports and exports in real-time, when weekly satellite revisits just aren't enough. Gain insight into key hubs, including underground caverns, by combining precisely tracked trades  with industry leading inventory data.

Seasonality Analysis

Make note of the past to better understand the future with the seasonality viewpoint. Assess four years of historical data to identify trends at the World, country, and installation level.

Market Intelligence

Put our sources to your use. View data at critical inventory hubs beyond what buzzword technology insights would allow.

Supply & Demand

View the effects of market dynamics by analyzing past, present, and future imports and exports in conjunction with inventory volumes. Gain insights into market movements, down to the installation level, and stay ahead of future trends.

LNG Inventories

Access years of historical data for the most critical LNG inventory hubs at the region, country, or installation level. Utilize our advanced algorithm to stay alert of future inventory movements. Customize your dashboards to keep informed on all key LNG installations in a single view.
Crude Inventories
Satellite Imagery
Drone Monitoring
Floating Storage
Cargo Tracking Enhancement
Seasonality Analysis
Market Intelligence
Supply & Demand
LNG Inventories

Cushing's drone monitoring - We were not the first but we are the best and the fastest

Drone Monitoring - Cushing

Drones capture what the imagery satellites cannot reach. Deployed to capture infrared and optical imagery; UAVs allow insight into the WTI delivery point, Cushing (Oklahoma).

Advanced Processing

Working very closely with drones professionals we have built bespoke technology to process quickly and efficiently the drones imagery for both optical and infrared images. Using a combinaison of artificial intelligence and advanced imagery recognition technology we are able to process with more accuracy than anyone else in the market those data.

Market Analyst Validation

Our seasoned market analyst are validating our data as they are being processed ensuring a very high accuracy of the data. This coupled with our timely release make of this data the best in the market for Cushing. You have been many adopting this data because of its high quality and reliability.

Early Release Twice a Week

We are releasing the data twice week before everyone else:

Mid Week point - Wednesday  8PM Eastern Time

End of Week point - Sunday 8PM Eastern Time

This timeline has been validated by many customers as being the most appropriate and the best in the market.

Easy Access

You will be able to access the data via de Terminal and Export it to Excel easily, as well as through API and the Excel Add-in.

Our historical data goes back up to early 2020 as of the 1st of June 2021. By July 2021 our full coverage will go back until May 2018.
Drone Monitoring
Advanced Processing
Market Analyst Validation
Early Release
Easy Access

Explore now how you can predict the global market trends before anyone else

Take the right decision through any means


Access the data from our Terminal from the web or your mobile. Find contextual informations and analytics tools such as dashboards, calculators, watchlists and more for you to draw insights from the data at scale, anywhere in the world at any time.


Use the supercharged API to access Kpler's data ecosystem and download the data you need whenever you need it. Use the intuitive Python SDK to access the data or to build advanced data science model and derive unique insights.

Excel Add-in

The simplest way to download your data directly into excel and start slicing and dicing your data as you want.


‍No need to pull the data anymore, the LiveDB streams directlynto your BI tools such as Tableau, Power BI or others. This live feed uses the latest data modeling and access technology to ensure it is optimized and delivers a real time feed from the Kpler database


Kpler’s Reports are written by seasoned and renowned market experts fuelling their analysis with Kpler’s data, which comprehensiveness and accuracy remains unparalleled in the market. You will benefits from those insight and derive critical strategies to beat the competition.
Excel Add-in
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