Our Leadership Team

Francois Cazor
Co-Founder & CEO
François Cazor is an engineer who started his career as a fixed-income trader. He later embarked on an entrepreneurial journey with his college mate Jean Maynier to create Kpler, in 2014. François is the CEO of Kpler. He is based in London with his wife and four kids.
Jean Maynier
Co-Founder & CTO
As CTO, co-founder Jean oversees the engineering, data science, product, and data operations teams of the company, mainly split between the Paris and Singapore tech hubs. Before teaming up with François Cazor and becoming an entrepreneur, Jean was a software engineer in the banking and trading sector. After several years in Paris, he has settled in Singapore with his wife and two kids.
Richard Quin
Chief Strategy Officer
Richard joined Kpler in January 2021 as the Chief Strategy Officer. Richard brings 17 years of energy experience to Kpler and he is responsible for developing, communicating, executing and sustaining strategic initiatives. Prior to joining Kpler, Richard worked at Trustpilot as Chief of Staff, at Verisk Analytics as Vice President of Corporate Development & Strategy.
Eva Martincova
Head of Sales
Eva is the first employee of Kpler, which she joined after four years at Goldman Sachs, in London. Her energetic contribution has been instrumental in growing Kpler’s client footprint (from scratch!). Eva manages a global team split across Kpler’s various commercial hubs, from Houston to Tokyo.
Stephane Guy
Head of Business & Strategy
Before joining Kpler in 2015, Stéphane spent eight years trading equity derivatives in Tokyo and Hong Kong. He established Kpler’s commercial activities in Asia-Pacific before building the company’s Business Development capability. His team is active on all continents with the mission of developing mutually-beneficial partnerships with all companies in our wider ecosystem.
Homa Kargar
Head of Market Data Operations
Prior to joining Kpler in 2017, Homa gained experience at NIOC and Schlumberger as O&G analyst. She has since worked on several commodities and has been key in the development of our liquids platforms. Homa leads a global team of market data analysts, who are in charge of maintaining high level of data quality through collection, processing and analysis of data.
Asmahe Maadi
Head of Finance
Asmahe monitors the financial performance and compliance of the company, helped by a team of international accountants and cost controllers. She joined us in 2017 after gaining wide experience at major international companies, including Sanofi.
Alex Booth
Head of Research
Alex has gained more than 13 years of experience as an oil and gas analyst at international firms such as BP and Citigroup. He leads Kpler’s Research team with the mission of providing our clients and the broader media community with analysis and insights based on Kpler’s unique sets of real-time data.
Amaelle Richaud
Head of People
Amaëlle had spent several years working for Uber in the Silicon Valley when she took on the challenge of building Kpler’s People team in 2018. She oversees the global People strategy, culture and operations for a team of 120 employees from 25 different nationalities, who work around the clock from Kpler’s eight permanent locations.
Marc Amaya
Head of Customer Success
When Marc joined Kpler, he had freshly returned from Sydney where he spent more than three years working for software companies. He has built Kpler’s Customer Success department from scratch which ensures our 5000+ users get the most out of our sophisticated products.
Clark Chahine
Head of Product
Clark joined Kpler after spending over 10 years at Schlumberger, where he undertook various roles including Head of Product for upstream softwares. At Kpler, Clark oversees the strategy,  development and improvement of our products, leading a team of product managers and designers to deliver the best experience to our users.

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