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Pioneering the data & analytics space

In 2014, engineers François Cazor and Jean Maynier teamed up with the belief that trade could be made more efficient and sustainable thanks to ingenious data technology. They started focusing on the very dynamic commodity markets that had long been characterised by incomplete, disparate and often inaccurate information.

The two entrepreneurs launched the first cargo-tracking solution for the booming LNG market, which was quickly adopted across the whole industry. Kpler’s success story had started!

A fast growth journey

The breakout success of Kpler’s new kind of technology-driven solutions led the industry to ask for more. Kpler expanded its coverage to more than 40 different markets (gas, liquids, dry bulk) and new segments of the commodity supply chain (freight, inventories), while adding depth to its data & analytics offering (Research, News). 

Building on a constant user-oriented innovation, the company has experienced fast and sustainable growth to soon become the uncontested leader of its field. In 2021, Kpler acquired ClipperData to extend its position in North America and gain access to the company’s unique coverage of this key region for global trade.

Today, Kpler is 10 times bigger than its next competitor in terms of revenue and commercial footprint.

A global and diverse team of talents

From a team of two engineers working in a kitchen, Kpler has evolved to a global group of 200 people putting their ingenuity and boldness to the benefit of the business and hundreds of its customers, who place their high trust in Kpler.

The growing Kpler team is composed of more than 25 nationalities working across all continents, and sharing strong values: be humble, take responsibility, respect and care for others, act with integrity, and be bold. 


Creation of Kpler
Launch of the LNG product


Opening of the Singapore office


Opening of the Houston office
Launch of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) product


Launch of the Crude Oil product


Opening of the London, New York and Dubai offices
Launch of the Refined Products and Dry Bulk products


Opening of the Brussels Holding office
Launch of the Inventories product


Opening of the Tokyo and Cape Town offices
Launch of the Olefins and Commodity Freight products


Acquisition of ClipperData
Launch of the Petrochemicals product
Launch of Kpler Insight


Acquisition of JBC Energy

Insight Partners and Five Arrows invest $200m in Kpler

Acquisition of COR-e


Acquisition of Marine Traffic

Acquisition of Fleetmon



Acquisition of ClipperData
Launch of the Petrochemicals product
Launch of Kpler Insight

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