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Pre-processed data

Aggregated and pre-processed by Kpler.
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AI-modelled forecast

Balancing, Intraday, Spot & Futures.
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Artificial intelligence

Data pre-processing and forecasts based on AI

We develop next generation decision support solutions for traders, analysts and all energy market professionals.


  • Aggregation of multiple sources.
  • Quality control and format alignment.
  • Permanent availability of data.

AI Modelling

  • Sub-model forecasts.
  • Price Forecasts.
  • Real time adjustments.


  • Simplified access to all data.
  • Lean interfaces.
  • Customizable alert system.
With data sources increasing, quality is becoming uneven and formatting disparate. To counter this, we have developed a pre-processing service that does important verification, centralization, and qualification work for you. In turn, this allows you to aggregate data regardless of origin. 

We also know that volatile marketplace require quick decisions. To help our customers forecast we offer a unique approach by adding an additional indicator to classic methodologies such as Stack or Delta. This additional indicator is based on artificial intelligence that allows us to constantly improve performance and enrich historical data.

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The technology developed by Kpler Power is a must have to provide our customers with the essential anticipation of the risk of activating their flexibility.
EQINOV - Associate Director
You continue to amaze us with your responsiveness and ability!
ECTP - Commodity Trader

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The Inpex-operated 8.9 mtpa Ichthys LNG plant in Darwin has withdrawn a tender to sell a cargo for delivery in June -July because of production problems, limiting available spot supplies amid planned and unplanned maintenance at other LNG plants.

The market has erased all price gains that had followed the OPEC+ decision to cut supply last month – although it has only started to get implemented this month. The group’s export trends have not helped support prices in April, as their total level remained stable near 28 Mbd when excluding Iran and Venezuela. Higher exports from Saudi Arabia and Russia offset declines from Nigeria, Iraq and Kazakhstan, while the group’s crude inventories remained stable at 259 Mbbls.

The average API density of European crude imports continues to rise in early 2023 as imports from the US remain robust, which has been keeping demand for heavier grades high, with Europe increasingly leaning towards Latin America for these barrels.