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Aggregated and pre-processed by Kpler.
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The benefits of pre-processing

to the source


Centralisation - ensure millions of data points work for you in real-time
Format alignment - customers pull data however they need it
Integrity check - insurance against missing or suspicious data
Server availability - always available for customers
Reactive support - fast and guaranteed

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Our service

Our data pre-processing service allows you to populate your data warehouse with clean and always available data.


Kpler power

Data Scraping

  • Millions of data
  • Choice of sources
  • Real time

Format Alignment

  • Rows, columns, numbers, etc.
  • Time zones
  • Optimised naming (Python / Julia)

Integrity Check

  • Missing data
  • Suspicious data


  • 24/7
  • Hosting in Europe


The type of data involved

Data from all essential power trading sources can be used via this service and retrieved from our server continuously (via FTP, SSH or Python/Julia). Our service is open to any new data source, in compliance with the operating licences of each of them.
Weather: Continuous detailed weather data (wind, radiation…), with geographical coordinates. Several years of historical data are available.
Price: Current prices on all markets (Balancing, Intraday, Spot, Futures), historical prices and our forecasts.
Demand: Country demand, historical data and our forecasts.
Supply: Power production, by source (solar, wind, nuclear…) as well as alerts (UMM / Remit) and our forecasts.
Interconnection: Inter-country trade and its history.
Sensitivity: The order books of the various market places, as well as their history.
* The above mentioned data are subject to licences with redistribution rights. It is also possible to use your data under licence.

Our interfaces


  • Spot
  • Long term


  • Fundamentals


  • Live Stream
  • Recap

Raw Data

  • FTP
  • Python scripts

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