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Optimize your voyages by accessing wait times for every vessel at any port, canal or transit point. Leverage alerts to minimize demurrage and idle costs.

Fleet Utilization & Expected Capacity

Dissect market trends with these global fleet supply and demand indicators. Use observed and predictive data to investigate tonnage availability.

Freight Metrics

Gain unique market insights like players’ sentiment, optimal route speed, and fleet supply. Scrutinize vital information such as ton-miles & ton-days to obtain a deep understanding of fleet demand.

Freight Calculator

Obtain precise freight cost components using the advanced calculator to strategize your vessel’s route and positioning. Run and compare multiple calculations easily.

Polygon Metrics

View actual market borders and capture all vessel movements through polygons. Filter by countries, seas, sub-regions and more.

Freight Prices

Identify commercial trading and hedging opportunities with real time freight data combined with prices.

Fleet Development

Take the pulse of vessel supply projections. Examine historical and future statistics on deliveries, orders and scrapping lists.

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