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Global Crude Inventories

Monitor inventory and capacity movements like never before with our proprietary satellite and cargo-tracking methodologies, for insight into over 5.6bn barrels of onshore storage.

Tank-level Detail

Access the most granular level of inventories data with over 17K tanks monitored globally.

Cushing Drone Coverage

Be the first to access unparalleled, bi-weekly, insights into Cushing inventories with our proprietary drone supplied data.

Floating Storage

Integrate more than 2.1Bn barrels of floating storage into your analytics for the most complete inventories coverage on the market.

Cavern and Fixed Roof Tank Monitoring

Gain insight into key hubs, including underground caverns, by combining precisely tracked trades with industry leading inventory data.

Supply and Demand

Analyze past, present, and future imports and exports in conjunction with inventory volumes.

Seasonality Analysis

Note the past to better understand the future with the seasonality viewpoint. Assess five years of historical data to identify trends at the World, country, and installation level.

LNG Inventories

Access years of historical data for the most critical LNG inventory hubs. Utilize our advanced algorithm to predict future movements and get ahead of the market.

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