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Kpler’s Research is led by seasoned and renowned market experts fuelling their analysis with Kpler’s data, which comprehensiveness and accuracy remains unparalleled in the market.

Through their insights, they bring to finance professionals a clear understanding of the dynamics of commodity markets, while identifying investment opportunities that fit their strategy.

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4 min
Oct 7, 2021

Dry bulk freight rates pushed higher this week, fueled by rising coal demand

Matthew Wright
Senior Freight Analyst

In this research piece, Matt Wright focuses on the recent spike in dry bulk freight rates, supported by the surging demand for coal. On its own, coal is unlikely to have propelled rates to the levels seen this month, but in conjunction with covid-related port delays and higher demand for dry bulk commodities as economic output recovered this year, vessel supply has crossed a tipping point into a severe shortage.

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3 minutes
Sep 29, 2021

Japanese LNG stocks surge ahead as the country seeks to avoid a supply crunch this winter

Laura Page
Senior LNG Analyst

Japan’s LNG stocks rose well-above previous year levels in September as the country faces the prospect of another cold winter. Despite high spot cargo availability and record low spot LNG prices last summer, the country failed to build adequate inventories ahead of winter 2020-21, causing a rush to secure expensive last-minute supplies when cold weather hit in January.

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4 min
Sep 24, 2021

Russian oil exports are down for now, but an increase beckons

Matt Smith
Lead Oil Analyst - Americas

With less than a third of the month to go, Russian grade crude exports are hovering around 2.9 mbd, the slowest pace since March.

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