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Flows & Trades

Follow the cargo, not just the vessel. Access finely tuned trade details and grab the essential information with a glance.

Voyages & Portcalls

Identify routes and patterns. Pick up all past, ongoing and future operations of the fleet.

Canal Crossing

Retrieve vital information on canal crossings across the globe. See their impact on the cargo you care about.

Ship to Ship

Access the unseen with our unique combination of algorithms, AIS coverage, and market understanding.

Floating Storage

Follow the evolution of storage at sea. Combined with our Inventories data, a complete overview of stockpiles is just a click away.

Commodities on Water

See historical & live quantities of laden products per sea, continent, or country. View their carrying vessels all on the same page.

Vessel Matcher & Fixtures

Match the right vessel with the right cargo for your voyage. Access the most furbished and independent resource of charter data. We’ve got it all.

Commodity Prices

Improve trade visualisation by connecting Parameta prices and fundamentals.

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