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Financial Market

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Trusted by over 10,000 organisations worldwide

Elevate your analysis with real-time data based on hard sources

Overlay 10+ years of historical commodity market fundamentals and prices to identify correlations and patterns.

Assess risk and explore macroeconomic trends using detailed data from millions of trades.

Utilise Kpler to support various asset classes: Commodity Futures, Equities, Fixed Income, and Derivatives.

Evaluate global gas company performance by monitoring export terminal capacity utilisation.

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Maximise returns and evaluate risks

Leverage proprietary data and insights from the Kpler seasoned research team.

Discover arbitrage opportunities and evaluate corporate performance effectively.

Forecast commodity prices across diverse markets with precision.

Scrutinise investments using extensive, up-to-date commercial, fixture, and contract data.

Analyse various sectors including public companies, maritime activities, and compliance.

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Navigate volatile markets

Hedge your portfolio by leveraging analyst price forecasts for every market and region globally.

First to market Cushing estimates ahead of the EIA release, with a sharpe ratio of 2.0 + .

Trade RBOB v. CBOB with confidence with our product and trade level data.

Conduct long term planning using the Kpler 5 and 10 year price forecasting.

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Integrations for comprehensive analysis

Expand your analysis by working directly in your Excel using the Kpler Excel Add-In

Minimise repetitive tasks and enable recurring data queries to update your models

Utilise APIs or Python SDK to integrate the relevant data in your proprietary ecosystem

Using solutions such as Snowflake Data Share or the Kpler LiveDB access pre-formatted analytics table

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Comprehensive risk management

Access complete compliance screening on one platform reducing time consuming manual investigations.

Monitor sanctioned cargo movements across 40+ commodities that may put your business at risk.

Get daily updates on sanctioned vessels and sanctioned entities to avoid being associated with illicit activity.

Be informed of vessels registered under a sanctioned flag-state before you do business with them.

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Transforming your obstacles into opportunities

A solution for every market

Delivering transparency for players across the ecosystem