France Tempo Forecast

Predict red Tempo days in France 7 days ahead.

What are “Tempo” days?

Tempo days in France refer to a tariff system used in the country's electricity market. In this system, the year is divided into three types of days: blue, white, and red, based on electricity demand and pricing.

Red Days: These are the days with the highest electricity demand, typically occurring during cold winter periods. On these days, electricity is most expensive. The number of red days is limited (usually 22 per year) and they are announced a day in advance to allow consumers to plan accordingly.

White Days: These are intermediate days in terms of electricity demand and pricing, neither as high as red days nor as low as blue days.

Blue Days: These represent days with the lowest electricity demand and therefore, the lowest prices.

Why is the Tempo system used?

The main purpose of this style of energy tariff is to encourage consumers to reduce their electricity consumption on days when demand is highest (red days), thereby helping to manage the load on the electricity grid more efficiently and potentially reducing the need for additional, often less environmentally friendly, energy sources.

Customers who opt for a Tempo contract with their electricity provider are subject to this tariff system, which can offer cost savings for those who are able to shift their major electricity usage to lower-demand (blue) days. This system is part of a broader demand response strategy to improve energy efficiency and sustainability in France.

What is the Kpler Tempo forecast?

Tempo tariff subscribers can see their prices triple during red days, hence a strong incentive to limit their consumption. As red days are only announced the day-ahead, it is difficult for energy consumers to plan and reduce their consumption accordingly. 

At Kpler, we specialise in predicting short and long term supply and demand patterns in the European electricity system. With these insights we are able to give a prediction of the likeliest days for red days to occur up to 7 days in advance.

For power trading professionals, the forecast can be used as a signal to anticipate the impact on demand in advance (and hence fuel generation).

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