Freight analytics

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Ship Tracking
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Year history


AIS positions processed all time


Vessels monitored


Access real-time global port congestion data to understand how long and how many vessels are congesting an area to plan around obstacles

Analyze canal congestion data for key locations such as Panama, Suez, and more, with data powered by the largest AIS network in the world

Filter between true congestion and vessels in the waiting zone for other purposes, ensuring that you always have a clear picture of reality

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Freight Metrics

Explore comprehensive freight analytics including ton-miles, ton-days, average speed and average distance

Split key performance data by laden and ballast statuses to understand where market factors like ton-mile demand and average ballast speed are pulling the market

Utilize a 5+ year history across the global commodity fleet to build contextual and comparative performance indicators

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Ballast Capacity

Gain a reliable overview of future tonnage availability across regions, countries and ports.

Use reliable data for open, potentially open, fixed, and potentially fixed vessels to evaluate chartering opportunities in real-time

Evaluate historical ballast capacity through historical Point-in-Time data for crucial freight market insight

Slice data according to vessel types, cargo on board and more across 36k+ vessels to unlock powerful analytics

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Fleet Utilisation

Analyze laden vs. ballast statuses across the global commodity fleet in order to gain key indicators of supply & demand

Utilize powerful directional features to analyze trends in regional supply & demand, such as investigating where ballasted vessels will head next

Incorporate floating storage vessels to gain a clear sense of fleet utilization within any vessel class

Identify detailed vessel data such as dirty and clean statuses, floating production storage and offloading vessels, or floating storage regasification units.

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Fleet Development

Examine historical and future statistics for vessel deliveries, orders, and scrapping lists to analyze the global fleet supply

Access new vessel deliveries based on monthly aggregated data build dates from fleet registries

Monitor aggregated data on vessels sold for demolition based on dead dates

Track fleet compliance and get weekly updates on vessel scrubber strategies and installations

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Vessel Matcher

Determine which vessels can arrive at a specified destination within a given timeframe using an automated tool to save time

Define important qualities such as class or status and those within different commodity markets, such as carrier type and tank type for LNG

Utilize an interactive map view to visualize your options and a tabular view to analyze your selected criteria including easy to read charts

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Freight & Voyage Calculator

Take advantage of Kpler’s freight calculator to easily evaluate voyages and create itineraries.

Dive into detailed voyage analysis with inputs such as vessel details and route preferences using factors like canal crossings, ECA zones, and HRA zones.

Evaluate bunker costs for VLSFO/IFO380/MGO and predict your costs with the latest freight market rates

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Integrations for Comprehensive Analysis

Expand your analysis by working directly in your Excel using the Kpler Excel Add-In.

Minimise repetitive tasks and enable recurring data queries to update your models.

Utilise APIs or Python SDK to integrate the relevant data in your proprietary ecosystem.

Using solutions such as Snowflake Data Share or the Kpler LiveDB access pre-formatted analytics table.

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