Container tracking

The most precise and carrier-independent predictive ETA for your shipments.

Container Tracking
Trusted by over 10,000 organisations worldwide

Know more than your carrier

Access carrier-independent predictive ETA for real-time shipment positions through web or API.

Save time with a consolidated shipment status dashboard.

Eliminate the need for multiple platform visits and time-consuming calls.


Enhanced operational efficiency


Decreased demurrage and detention


Improved customer service


More accurate than carrier's ETA

All actionable insights at your fingertips

Access comprehensive insights like position, potential delays, and days at port.

Use a live tracking map for all your shipments.

Share updates instantly with stakeholders via a refreshable link.

Consolidate all details within a single platform, facilitating coordination.

Avoid blind spots throughout your shipments’ journey

View the complete transportation plan for your shipments.

Track past, present, and future journeys.

Eliminate visibility gaps and uncertainty.

Ensure smooth daily operations.

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With the Container Tracking solution we were able to improve production efficiency by successfully optimising our export and import planning. It allows us to easily share shipment statuses with our customers anytime for ease of mind. Shipment insights are accurate and updated in just a few minutes.

Keerthi Subawickrama
Import / Export Manager

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The Container Tracking solution proved to be an invaluable asset during a period of challenging carrier performance and unreliable carrier systems, which exhibited significant variability in quality. This solution emerged as the undisputed leader, surpassing competitors in terms of comprehensiveness and effectiveness.

Martin Galloway
Head of Global Freight

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Since the integration of Container Tracking API, we have been receiving important and more detailed information about our shipments. For example, we can react much earlier if a shipment arrives late. We also receive detailed insights into the entire transport route of our shipments. Thus the data provided enriches and accelerates our processes along the supply chain.

Max Silanoglu
Sales Manager

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MarineTraffic Visibility for Containers solution is an accurate source of information, all in one platform.

Stefano Clementoni
Director at Clementoni SpA

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Integrating the Container Tracking API was seamless due to the excellent account management support.

Bob Vuppal
VP Product & Technology

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