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financial trader & analyst
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Efficiently evaluate quarterly performance

Utilise the Kpler data to forecast quarterly outcomes for publicly traded firms.

Contrast real-time performance data with company projections for strategic equity trading.

Examine weekly export levels of industry giants, such as prominent iron ore miners.

Predict stock value fluctuations by analysing live data against corporate projections.

Uphold and enhance trading margins by leveraging insightful data on firm performance.


Vessels tracked daily


Historical data


Trades monitored


Data points / day

Actionable data for robust trading strategies

Navigate through a wealth of actionable data, including historical and volatility metrics.

Utilise the Kpler integrations to discern profitable signals from precise, real-time data.

Engage with the Kpler research team to comprehend impactful supply & demand dynamics.

Understand geopolitical and economic indicators that can significantly affect trades.

Ensure optimal performance with diverse integration options and validated data.

Informed and strategic deal assessment

Integrate real-time data streams covering commodity flows and vessel movements.

Gain a deeper understanding of macroeconomic and consumer trends through data analytics.

Validate investment theses and company positioning with historical trade flow and inventory data.

Illuminate potential M&A deals in the energy sector with detailed, reliable commercial data.

Lead successful deal closures through informed decision-making and precise data insights.

Integrations for comprehensive analysis

Expand your analysis by working directly in your Excel using the Kpler Excel Add-In.

Minimise repetitive tasks and enable recurring data queries to update your models.

Utilise APIs or Python SDK to integrate the relevant data in your proprietary ecosystem.

Using solutions such as Snowflake Data Share or the Kpler LiveDB access pre-formatted analytics table.

Comprehensive risk management

Monitor sanctioned cargo across 40+ commodities to safeguard trading operations.

Access a comprehensive compliance screening platform for regulatory adherence.

Enhance trade efficiency and customer satisfaction with comprehensive screening of sanctions and risks.

Detect AIS gaps and AIS spoofing that are in breach of flag state and the Safety of Life at Sea Convention (SOLAS) requirements.

Transforming your obstacles into opportunities

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A solution for every market

With thousands of users across the globe, Kpler enables customers to find signal in the noise and position themselves for success.