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MarineTraffic Inbox
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Kpler's inbox fosters communication and collaboration among all teams.

For shipbrokers

Foster client relations for faster fixture acquisitions and efficient email handling. Streamline communication, reduce data entry, and leverage market insights for effortless cargo distribution. Utilise a single platform to enhance team visibility, prioritise tasks, and filter key decision-making data.

For charterers

Access historical data remotely, conduct route and vessel assessments for assured ship fixing. Auto-prioritise messages to seize crucial inbox opportunities and never miss communication from key contacts. Engage with teams across your organisation, and swiftly access message context for faster collaboration and fixing.

For vessel operators & fleet managers

Prioritise fleet management with streamlined inbox organisation. Ensure key emails stand out by integrating relevant data, such as ship tracking or AIS position from MarineTraffic.  Foster cross-team collaboration, accessing valuable insights and context for informed actions.

Manage your email workflow efficiently

A solution for every market

With thousands of users across the globe, Kpler enables customers to find signal in the noise and position themselves for success