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Kpler offers unbiased, expert-driven research and news with daily, weekly, and monthly analysis across four services that are designed to deliver actionable trading and market intelligence. Don’t miss out on what thousands have already discovered and talk to our team today.

18 month

Supply & demand forecasts

12 month

Price forecasts

15 year

Price and balance forecasts


Monthly outlook reports

Crude oil

Gain actionable intelligence on key short term drivers in global markets with daily updates

Receive weekly guidance on regional crude supply, demand, pricing, trade flows and arbitrage opportunities to drive your strategy

Understand markets in the Middle East, Asia, the North Sea, the Med, the FSU, WAF, Latin America, US, Canada, and the Gulf of Mexico with monthly deep dive reports

Gain unique insight into exploration & production from the Kpler team

Navigate the freight market with individual coverage of VLCC, Suezmax, and Aframax segments

15 year crude oil production, demand, and price forecasts to guide your decision making

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Refined product

Decipher changes in benchmark product prices with daily reports covering key developments including arbs and trade flows

Utilize weekly reports for insight on East-West gasoil, West-East fuel oil, West-East naphtha and Transatlantic gasoline and feedstocks

Navigate top, middle, and bottom of the barrel markets with monthly reports that highlight opportunities and risks

15 year supply, demand and price forecasts for LPG, naphtha, gasoline, jet/kero, gasoil/diesel, and fuel oil

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Global LNG

Stay ahead of the curve with up-to-the-minute LNG news and updates on market-moving developments 

Use daily reports to understand interplay between natural gas, LNG, and coal including supply and demand fundamentals. 

Understand the latest factors influencing Asian LNG, European TTF and US Henry Hub front-month prices

Dive deep into an 18-month outlook for LNG supply, demand and prices

Supply & demand covering all major LNG importing and exporting countries including elements such as Chinese domestic production and pipeline import forecasts

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Natural gas (US & Europe)

Decipher the latest factors influencing Asian LNG, European TTF and US Henry Hub front-month prices.

Take advantage of expectations and drivers for prices in the week ahead in US & European natural gas markets.

Gain a focus on factors impacting fundamentals and prices in the US and European markets.

Analyze natural gas supply and demand forecast for US & European markets in the coming 18 months.

Tap into 18 month price forecasts for key natural gas market benchmarks in US & Europe.

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Receive weekly coverage for not only coal, but iron ore, agricultural commodities, related dry bulk markets, as well as freight.

Gain detail into supply and demand fundamentals in the seaborne thermal and metallurgical coal markets.

Analyze forecasts for the next 18 months are included for major thermal and metallurgical coal importers and exporters, plus benchmark prices.

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Refining & margins

Analyse underlying complexities of the global refining market with weekly reports presenting product-by-product updates for key regions.

Utilize analysis on movements in crack spreads and a short-term outlook on prices to enhance your decision making.

Incorporate weekly updates on benchmark refining margins into your strategy.

Ingest a synopsis of the latest and projected developments on global petroleum products through quarterly publications.

Understand detailed product-by-product petroleum outlooks for the next quarter including outlooks for refinery maintenance and upcoming expansions.

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Cross-commodity coverage

Cover relevant shifting macroeconomic, geopolitical and corporate topics through weekly analysis

Guide investment in commodity and equity markets with monthly reports that provide an overview of energy markets.

Cover developments in alternative fuels with monthly comprehensive assessments to stay ahead.

Dive into objective commentary on short and long-term aspects of ensuring stable and affordable energy supplies through monthly reports.

Receive a quarterly overview of key industry trends, company strategies, and business environments for listed energy companies.

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