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physical trader & analyst
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Pre-trade idea generation

Monitor grade-level import/export details in regional markets for identifying demand and arbitrage opportunities.

Understand competitor product movements using trade, fixture, ownership insights and more to optimise demand/supply strategies.

Employ real-time import/export trends for adept price contract negotiations.

Ensure complete capture of supply related to regional contracts by tracking on-water regional commodities.


Vessels tracked


Historical data


Trades monitored


Data points / day

Freight monitoring and bottleneck forecasting

Utilise customisable dashboards to monitor critical freight & flow data and comprehend pivotal interconnected pricing factors.

Observe key canal congestion, understanding waiting times and vessel counts for cargo.

Employ relevant alerts to preemptively address potential trading operation disruptions.

Identify emerging freight demand trends using freight utilisation data and tracking ballasted vessels' subsequent signals.

Supply & demand balance modelling

Utilise real-time installation level flows to construct net exports from main waterborne refineries and installations, understanding balance shifts.

Monitor export share shifts between key demand zones at regional, country, or port levels to identify demand directions.

Observe detailed stock changes, both in-tank/installation and floating storage, within key regions to compose the supply picture.

Identify import arrival locations among refinery ports and storage areas, or in-land cargo destinations to evaluate impact on supply & demand.

Advanced risk management

Monitor sanctioned cargo across 40+ commodities to safeguard trading operations.

Save time with a comprehensive compliance screening platform for regulatory adherence.

Stay informed with daily updates on sanctioned vessels and entities to avoid fines and legal issues.

Leverage signals from the best AIS network to detect illicit activities and make informed decisions.

Integrations for comprehensive analysis

Expand your analysis by working directly in your Excel using the Kpler Excel Add-In.

Minimise repetitive tasks and enable recurring data queries to update your models.

Utilise APIs or Python SDK to integrate the relevant data in your proprietary ecosystem.

Using solutions such as Snowflake Data Share or the Kpler LiveDB access pre-formatted analytics table.

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