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Power Market

Track energy across its entire value chain, from molecules to electrons

Trusted by over 10,000 organisations worldwide

Broad market coverage

Navigate the European power markets across 41 countries.

Access up to 30 years of historical data, enabling you to build more accurate and robust models.

Benefit from power market analysis projecting over 25 years into the future.

Seamlessly integrate over 900 different datasets into your workflows.

Real-time data

Supply & Demand: Access real-time/historical data on power market fundamentals including interconnections and sensitivities.

Price: Obtain various power market prices across multiple markets/exchanges, including balancing, intraday, spot and forward curves.

REMIT/UMMs: Leverage real-time data on transmission and production outages from various sources.

Weather: Integrate ECMWF and GFS weather forecasts, including temperature and wind speed and more.

AI-enhanced forecasts

Fundamentals: Enhance decisions with proprietary forecasts for demand and renewable generation.

Price: De-risk strategies with short/long-term price forecasts and HPFC.

Availabilities: Create accurate supply models with forecasted availability and unit or country level, segmented by fuel type.

Scenario Builder: Generate custom forecasts across various generation, load, weather, and price scenarios.

Expert insights

Get market analysis reports predicting the macro-level developments of the power sector until the year 2050.

Stay up to date with comprehensive research covering the natural gas, carbon, and thermal coal markets.

Leverage our expertise and hear the opinions of our energy analysts and former power traders.

Gain access to exclusive market briefings, whitepapers, and events.

Simplify power data management

Eliminate the need to manage multiple different data sources and costly integrations.

Access preprocessed, standardised, and quality-assured power market data from one place.

Seamlessly integrate data into your workflows using API or FTP.

Easily explore datasets and forecasts using the Kpler user-friendly web terminal.

Transforming your obstacles into opportunities

A solution for every market

Delivering transparency for players across the ecosystem