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MarineTraffic Dashboard
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Ship tracking

Access all vital maritime data and analytics effortlessly via the user-friendly MarineTraffic App.

Leverage the world's most extensive AIS network, from coastline to open ocean. With AIS stations along the coast, in the ocean and in space, boasting over 6,600 AIS receivers, leverage MarineTraffic AIS for unrivaled ship tracking.

Proactively address potential trade disruptions with access to historical data, port congestion information, and weather data.

Effortlessly discover comprehensive details about any ship, including photos, characteristics and ownership.


Vessels tracked daily


Historical data


AIS receivers


AIS signals received daily

Data services

Access a treasure trove of vessel information with cutting-edge APIs and custom data extracts, serving shipping companies, financial institutions, regulatory agencies, and maritime enthusiasts.

Enhance operational efficiency, risk assessment, compliance, and research with powerful real-time vessel tracking, vessel characteristics, ownership, and historical events.

MarineTraffic Data Services include :
The new standard in ship tracking

Access MarineTraffic AIS network:

  • Spanning coastlines, oceans, space
  • An impressive 6,600 AIS receivers
Instant updates on shipping events

Stay always informed and:

  • Improve port and logistics efficiency
  • Enhance security, risk assessment
Data-driven business decisions

Optimise operations with:

  • Predictive events APIs
  • Crucial vessel movement insights
Gateway to invaluable historical data

Make more informed decisions with:

  • Insights in past vessel movements
  • Vessel events data
The most comprehensive Ship Data

Access detailed information for:

  • Better risk assessment and planning
  • Regulatory compliance and security
Empower decision-making with data

Meet your unique data needs with:

  • Custom data extracts
  • Personalised data sets

Fleet management

Access up to 5 years of historical positional data.

Analyse traffic patterns, incidents, and receive evidence through replays.

Observe cyclical events to negotiate better charter rates and identify optimal conditions.

Receive critical notifications in advance and adjust insurance coverage.

Fleet IoT

Receive real-time data straight from your vessel's bridge: GPS, STW, SOG, Weather data, RPM and beyond.

See crucial details through the Conning display and receive instant alerts for vital events.

Make informed decisions regarding routes, speed adjustments, and engine operations.


Monitor and assign shared team emails for enhanced collaboration while ensuring email security.

Eliminate duplicate emails with instant notifications and AI sorting.

Auto-file emails, use adaptable tagging, and easily send large attachments.

Access real-time ship tracking, utilise MarineTraffic data.

Container tracking

Obtain precise, carrier-independent shipment ETAs with our Container Tracking solution.

Forego the need for spreadsheets and calls with centralised data in a single platform.

Receive and share daily shipment updates and alerts about delays seamlessly.

Leverage actionable data backed by the widest AIS network fused with vessel schedules, carrier track & trace and machine learning.

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