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Streamline global vessel operations

Use the freight calculator to determine the best bunkering stops, ensuring smooth passage and relaying critical details to stakeholders.

Congestion & port call data provide live insights into destination congestion, potential waiting times, and risks of incurring demurrage.

Gain insights into movements and trades of other vessels at any port, bolstering strategic positioning.

Utilise custom dashboards & alerts for individual vessels or entire fleets, offering tailored alerts and integrated data for streamlined operations.


Vessels tracked daily


Historical data


AIS receivers


AIS signals received daily

Ensure vessel compliance

Detect Ship-To-Ship activity by cross-referencing a vessel’s proximity to another using MarineTraffic Live Map & Map Layers.

Use the Fleet & Past Track-Playback features to replay the voyage and verify vessel routes against scheduled plans to conduct a detailed voyage review.

Gain a swift assessment of compliance and the insights needed to assess the severity of any situation.

Vet vessel acquisitions

Input the unique IMO number on Live Map & Map Layers for detailed insights from port visits to chosen routes.

Use the Events & Past Track-Playback features to identify reported incidents, ensuring vessel integrity meets standards.

Access Weather Data Analytics to assess vessel's performance in specific conditions like wind at 16 knots and Beaufort at 4.

Detect prolonged stays in warm waters, hinting at potential maintenance requirements.

MarineTraffic comprehensive tools guide owners through a thorough vetting, leading to well-informed purchase choices.

Be in control of your fleet's safety and financial security

Set specific Areas of Interest, including high-risk piracy zones, where you need to take proactive measures.

Receive critical notifications in advance and adjust insurance coverage.

Gain ample time to execute necessary actions to avoid any potential sanctions.

Manage your CO2 emissions

Shipping and cargo emissions. Calculate automatically travelled distance for all vessels.

Monitor your vessel’s Carbon Intensity Indicator rating with our CII tool.

Benchmark your current environmental footprint and get actionable insights into optimising it.

Input your fuel consumption and identify periods of inefficiency in order to plan your corrective actions.

Monitor your vessel as if you're onboard

Access real-time data directly from your vessel's bridge: GPS, STW, SOG, Weather data, RPM and more.

Visualise key information via the Conning display. Receive instant alerts for vital events. Extended coverage beyond AIS range.

Route Optimisation, reduce fuel consumption and travel time.

Fine-tune RPM for optimal engine performance. Adaptive decision-making based on current sea conditions.

Seamless coordination between your onshore and offshore teams.


Monitor and assign shared team emails for enhanced collaboration while ensuring email security.

Eliminate duplicate emails with instant notifications and AI sorting.

Auto-file emails, use adaptable tagging, and easily send large attachments.

Access real-time ship tracking, utilise MarineTraffic data.

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