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The new standard in ship tracking

Access real-time ship tracking data with over 6,600 AIS receivers across the globe, the first and largest AIS network in the world. With AIS receivers along the coast, in the ocean and in space, our network is capturing AIS transmissions 24/7.

Use cases

  • Track cargo vessels, providing real-time data for commodity traders to make informed decisions.
  • Ensure vessels comply with maritime regulations, laws and standards.
  • Monitor fishing vessel movements, identifying and preventing unauthorised or illegal fishing activities.
  • Delve into past ship tracks with data going back since 2010 using our AIS archive.
  • Access AIS via API or live NMEA data stream for easy integration with technology solutions.

Recommended users

Software developers, maritime professionals, logistics managers, and traders.

Real-Time Events

Real-time events

Receive shipping updates as they happen

Receive live updates on port calls, bunkering operations, ship-to-ship transfers and more through our real-time events APIs.

Use cases

  • Optimise port schedules and cargo handling with port and berth call events.
  • Undertake risks and insurance premium adjustments based on real-time events.
  • Access live shipping events for comprehensive analysis of trade flows.

Recommended users

Government authorities, traders, insurers, supply chain managers, and port authorities.

Predictive Events

Predictive events

Navigate maritime changes power by machine learning/AI

Leverage human expertise and machine learning to access predictive destinations, ETAs and arrivals as well as voyage forecasts.

Use cases

  • Maximise supply chain efficiency, cost saving and delivery reliability.
  • Access market trends for better financial data-driven investment decisions.
  • Respond to predictive risks for national security and the environment.
  • Plan ahead with predictive ETAs and routes.

Recommended users

Financial institutions, government authorities, logistics and supply chain managers.

Past Events

Past events

Access invaluable historical insights

Utilise APIs to access past vessel movements and events, adding a historical perspective to maritime activities.

Use cases

  • Analyse past port congestion, bunker fuel and ship-to-ship transfers.
  • Invest and trade based on historical market dynamics.
  • Review if past operations were in compliance with environmental and safety regulations.

Recommended users

Maritime investors, port authorities, maritime regulators, trade finance, and governmental authorities.


Ship database

The world's most comprehensive ship database

Access detailed information on vessel characteristics, ownership, photos and more.

Use cases

  • Integrate vessel details into logistics planning for accurate load calculations and optimised cargo management.
  • Review vessel specifics and ownership details for insurance underwriting and risk evaluation.
  • Access vessel photos within the ship database API for visual references in maritime documentation or tracking.

Recommended users

Port authorities, maritime regulators, and insurance underwriters.

Custom Data Extracts

Custom data extracts

Your data, your way

Custom data extracts provide personalised datasets to meet your unique data requirements and support informed decision-making.

Use cases

  • Analyse data for specific research or operational needs.
  • Train your own algorithms based on our complete data offering including AIS, events and our ship database.

Recommended users

Researchers, data analysts, maritime professionals, and logistics managers.

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