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Crude Oil

Your one-stop shop for global crude oil market analysis.

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Buyers & sellers tracked


Vessels monitored


Crude grades tracked

Detailed flows

Leverage Kpler’s coverage of 493+ crude oil grades to gain clarity into changes in the global crude slate

Dive into crude quality data to determine market gaps in sweet and sour barrels and take advantage of emerging opportunities

Analyze long and short haul trades with clarity on ship-to-ship transfers, bills of lading, commercial players and charter details to position your strategy

Build dashboards and alerts to monitor key installations and locations to easily maintain an eye on the interplay of regional crude markets

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Powerful freight data

Analyze and track fleet performance for 9,900+ vessels to understand how market factors such as tonmile demand or ballast speed are shifting

Decipher utilization with clarity on ownership, charter parties, and more within a 5+ year history

Utilize vessel matcher and freight calculator tools to provide insight into voyage planning to save time and cost

Discover canals and port congestion including duration and vessel data for a robust understanding of the interplay between routes and trades

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Accurate inventories

Gain accurate tank by tank volume for floating roof tanks to establish better and faster trading decisions

Receive powerful underground and fixed roof inventory volumes through a unique cargo tracking enhancement

Capture precise real-time floating storage data to incorporate this key supply metric to your analysis

Tap into bespoke drone technology to quickly and efficiently get 100% of the inventories at Cushing before the weekly EIA release

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Actionable research

Get daily updates on global market trends, focusing on short-term drivers that impact your investments.

Discover weekly expert analyses that explore supply, demand, pricing, and trading, with a spotlight on profitable arbitrage opportunities.

Dive into monthly comprehensive reports on crude oil trends in the Middle East, Asia, the North Sea, the Med, the FSU, WAF, Latin America, US, Canada, and the Gulf of Mexico

Access in-depth exploration and production reports, along with annual forecasts on crude oil production, demand, and pricing for the next 15 years.

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Trustworthy supply & demand

Track the evolution of supply and demand balances with historic data back to 2017, thrice monthly present day updates, and monthly forecasts.

Analyze global, regional, and country level balances or combine countries to form your own regions.

Zoom into any part of the balance with 5-year charts, tabular views and more, all in a responsive easy-to-view platform.

Component breakdowns such as direct crude use and stock changes allow customers to see why the balance is changing

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Integrations for comprehensive analysis

Expand your analysis by working directly in your Excel using the Kpler Excel Add-In.

Minimise repetitive tasks and enable recurring data queries to update your models.

Utilise APIs or Python SDK to integrate the relevant data in your proprietary ecosystem.

Using solutions such as Snowflake Data Share or the Kpler LiveDB access pre-formatted analytics table.

Transforming your obstacles into opportunities

A solution for every market

With thousands of users across the globe, Kpler enables customers to find signal in the noise and position themselves for success.