Market transparency

Using our proprietary technology, our users can outperform the competition by knowing exactly how much volume is being shipped across the globe and by whom in real-time.

Our seaborne flows are analysed cargo-by-cargo, revealing hidden patterns and trends in the market which would otherwise go unnoticed.

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Global reach

Every day, trading houses, oil and gas majors, national oil companies, hedge funds and banks rely on Kpler for quantified real-time cargo intelligence.

Our data is used by many different teams from analytics, chartering, trading to operations, creating one-stop platform for market intelligence.

We equip our clients with the tools to decisively act on every market movement.

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People and Technology

Our algorithms process satellite feeds, governmental databases and shipping registries. They scan, clean and structure data from port authorities, ship agents, customs websites or brokers reports.

We cross-reference market news, interpret different languages and extract value-added information.

Coupled with our market data analysts providing 24-hour insights, this unprecedented combination of innovative software and human intelligence makes Kpler the invaluable platform you need in rapidly evolving markets.

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