Bringing transparency to commodity markets

We are a data intelligence company that provides transparency solutions to commodity markets.

Our users, which include trading houses, industrial companies, shipping operators and financial institutions, rely on Kpler to gain full visibility into the physical reality of commodity markets. Kpler empowers these players to anticipate market changes, discover unconventional or hidden behaviors, outperform the competition and drive new opportunities.

Kpler covers nearly 20 commodities, including all major energy markets. We constantly strive to enlarge our scope to new commodities and new segments along the commodity value chain.

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Reliable information at your fingertips

Over the past five years, Kpler data has become a global standard, utilized by participants along the entire commodity market value chain. We endeavor to ensure our data is verified and cross-checked via a wide range of high quality sources while simultaneously delivering quantifiable and transparent insights to clients.

The information we provide is accessible through various easy-to-use channels (web and mobile app, API, Excel) that are constantly evolving based on feedback from our users. Kpler’s developers regularly release new features aimed at enhancing the overall user experience.

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From raw data to structured information

Our methodology is based on automatically sourcing, processing and aggregating raw data that is collected from various sources including satellite feeds, port authorities, ship agents and commercial intermediaries in all the major energy hubs around the world. The market information we produce is comprehensive, optimally structured and updated in real time.

The insight provided by the Kpler analyst team is a key part of our methodology as it brings a human understanding to an otherwise purely automated process. Kpler users have direct access to our experts, located in all the major energy hubs around the world, for truly global coverage.

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