September 1, 2020

Kpler People: Dave Friedman, Business Development Manager MEA

This article is the fourth of a series of five originally published on Linkedin.

Kpler’s business development team operates in all key commodity hubs with the mission of handling interactions between Kpler and the wider industry ecosystem. Let’s meet today with Dave Friedman, our “bizdev” man in the Middle East region.

Originally from the US, Dave settled in the Middle East in 2011 after graduating from Georgetown University. Prior to joining Kpler in June last year, he occupied several positions in the energy sector, first in Beirut (PFC Energy, MEES) and later in Dubai, where he moved in 2015 to manage Argus Media’s editorial team.

When asked about his transition to Kpler, Dave says it was “the natural next step” for him as he wanted to continue in the energy sphere but move to business development. “I had heard a lot about Kpler from traders and was drawn to the company by how it has fundamentally transformed a historically opaque set of markets.” In little more than a year, Dave’s action has been instrumental in helping Kpler achieve several of its goals in the region.

A mission facilitated, he says, by the structure of Kpler: “an already successful and mature organisation which has retained the agility and drive of a startup.”

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