December 1, 2020

Kpler People: Manuel Ortegon, Global Recruitment Manager

This article is the fifth of a series of five originally published on Linkedin.

As we have recently intensified our recruitment efforts, we would like to turn the spotlight to Manuel, who is Global Recruitment Manager at Kpler - if you apply to Kpler, he might be the first person you talk to!

Manuel is from Bogota, Colombia, where he studied Business Management before moving to Belgium to finish his academic studies. After a first experience in recruitment in India, he specialised in this field and worked for several IT companies before joining Kpler in 2019.

Manuel manages Kpler's complete recruitment process, handling relations with candidates from all over the world. “My role is to ensure that the people who apply have a candidate experience that will make them want to join the Kpler family.”

With more than 40 recruitment processes handled since he joined, Manuel has become a real enabler of Kpler’s growth, helping to clarify the demands from the different teams and conducting interviews around the clock. “I find my job very rewarding because people are the most valuable asset of an organization, so as a recruiter, I feel I play a key role in building the team that will take Kpler to the next level!”

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