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Life at Kpler

Kpler People: Sharlene Tan, Senior Customer Success Manager

March 1, 2020
2 min

This article is the first of a series of five originally published on Linkedin.

If you are looking for someone who has been at the forefront of Kpler’s  tremendous development, this is Sharlene Tan! Originally from Singapore, Sharlene joined us right after graduating in 2016 (Nanyang Technological University), and is the very first local employee hired at our APAC headquarters.

‘At the time I joined, the company counted 30 employees, Singapore and Houston offices were brand new, and our catalogue of products much smaller‘, remembers Sharlene. Acting as a commercial manager for two and a half years, Sharlene greatly contributed to expanding Kpler’s footprint in APAC, ‘a huge market for commodities which immediately welcomed our innovative products’, she adds.

Leveraging her deep knowledge of Kpler’s products and clients, Sharlene took a new challenge in 2019 by joining the Customer Service Department. As a CS manager, her role is to ‘help clients extract the most value out of Kpler’s sophisticated transparency tools'. 

After three years in Singapore, Sharlene transferred to our London office, a move driven by the desire to live abroad but also to challenge herself with a different portfolio of clients. ‘So far, my experience in London has been great. Moving from one Kpler office to another definitely brings me a new perspective on the company as well as a better understanding of how the business works in London...and in many aspects, it’s very different than in Singapore!’

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