August 1, 2020

Kpler People: Shruti Bansal, Freight Principal Product Manager

This article is the third of a series of five originally published on Linkedin.

Three weeks after the release of our new Freight Intelligence product, we would like to introduce Shruti Bansal, Freight Senior Product Manager at Kpler.

Shruti was born and raised in India, where she graduated from the University of Delhi and started her career in commodity analytics and trading. After three years at Louis Dreyfus Company, she moved overseas and has lived in four different countries so far, including Germany where she was Senior Trading Analyst at Vattenfall.

Since she joined Kpler in June 2019, Shruti has been piloting from scratch the development of our Freight product, driven by the willingness “to create a tool that was missing when I was an analyst and trader”, she says. “A tool able to bridge the gap between freight market knowledge and the possibilities offered by data technology.”

It’s worth noting that Shruti and the engineering team managed to ship the Freight product working 100% remotely due to the covid-19 lockdown. “Building the last stages of a brand new product with everyone working from home, in four different time zones, was definitely a huge challenge. It’s fantastic to see we managed to stay all aligned and dedicated until the final countdown!”

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