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We are excited to be partnering with Battlefin New York City Discovery Day taking place May 21-22. Meet the team and explore our latest insights and innovations across Commodities, Power and Maritime.

Kpler at Battlefin NYC
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May 21st I 11:45 am – 12:15 pm
Oil & Gas Mosaic: What is the data showing for 2nd half catalysts

Demand: Will China reaccelerate in 2nd half and what it means?

Supply: Tracking Russia and Middle East developments


Discover how our solutions can enhance your analytics across the supply chain:

·       Overlay 10+ years of historical commodity market fundamentals and prices to identify correlations and patterns.

·       Assess risk and explore macroeconomic trends using detailed data from millions of trades.

·       Discover arbitrage opportunities and evaluate corporate performance effectively.

·       Forecast commodity prices across diverse markets with precision.

·       Analyse various sectors including public companies, maritime activities, and compliance.

Meet our experts

Reid I'Anson

Senior Analyst - Macroeconomy and Cross Commodity

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