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We are excited to be Gold Sponsor at Neudata London Data Summit taking place March 26. Meet the team and explore our latest insights and innovations across Commodities, Power and Maritime.

Kpler at Neudata
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Discover how our solutions can enhance your analytics across the supply chain:

·       Overlay 10+ years of historical commodity market fundamentals and prices to identify correlations and patterns.

·       Assess risk and explore macroeconomic trends using detailed data from millions of trades.

·       Discover arbitrage opportunities and evaluate corporate performance effectively.

·       Forecast commodity prices across diverse markets with precision.

·       Analyse various sectors including public companies, maritime activities, and compliance.

Meet our experts

Mitesh Varsani

Sales Executive - New Business | Financials

Mitesh Varsani is Kpler's Commercial Manager for European Financial Institutions based in London.Mitesh has 8 years of commercial experience working with data providers such as Fitch, GlobalData & ISI EM Group. He specialises in delivering tailored solutions to Banks, Asset Managers, Hedge Funds & Consulting Firms of all sizes and strategies. Mitesh joined Kpler in 2023 to drive growth and build relationships in Europe to support funds by leveraging Kpler's data to drive insights and build solutions to enhance opportunities and derisk the markets.

Andrew Crole

Team Lead, Account Management

Andrew has been at Kpler since 2020 with a focus on managing relationships with Financial clients, which includes Banks, Hedge funds & Quant Funds. Responsible for the full portfolio of Kplers services ranging from Commodities tracking, to Research and seaborne supply chain solutions.

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