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Red Sea disruption

  • Learn how the security situation in the Red Sea is affecting shipping & commodity markets
  • Implications for routes & prices:
  • Market coverage for LNG, LPG, Liquids, Dry Bulk and Containers.
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Optimise your logistics operations through digital transformation

Leverage AIS data

Enhance your supply chain efficiency through tracking your bulk and containerised cargoes, predicting arrivals with more accuracy, and streamlining your operations.

Access all data in one platform, saving time and improving overall performance.

  • Track vessels live, replay historical movements, and receive real-time notifications.
  • Create fleets, create custom monitoring areas, and access comprehensive vessel details.
  • Join the largest AIS network, contribute to sea safety, and explore advanced radio equipment for this growing network.

How MarineTraffic supports you


Vessels tracked daily


Historical data


AIS receivers


AIS signals received daily

Enhance operational efficiency

Track your vessels in real time, identify and minimise key risks, and ensure regulatory compliance using powerful tools for vessel tracking, vessel characteristics, ownership, and historical events, with cutting-edge APIs and custom data extracts.

MarineTraffic Data Services include :
clean products
light ends
middle distillates
dirty products
fuel oil
Liquid Commodities
Gas Commodities
Petrochemical Commodities
grains & oilseeds
iron ore
Dry Commodities
The new standard in ship tracking

Access MarineTraffic AIS network:

  • Spanning coastlines, oceans, space
  • An impressive 6,600 AIS receivers
Instant updates on shipping events

Stay always informed and:

  • Improve port and logistics efficiency
  • Enhance security, risk assessment
Data-driven business decisions

Optimise operations with:

  • Predictive events APIs
  • Crucial vessel movement insights
Gateway to invaluable historical data

Make more informed decisions with:

  • Insights in past vessel movements
  • Vessel events data
The most comprehensive Ship Data

Access detailed information for:

  • Better risk assessment and planning
  • Regulatory compliance and security
Empower decision-making with data

Meet your unique data needs with:

  • Custom data extracts
  • Personalised data sets


Enhanced operational efficiency


Decreased demurrage and detention


Improved customer service


More accurate than carrier's ETA

Additional MarineTraffic services

more than just a map
Fleet management

Analyse traffic patterns, incidents, and derive evidence through detailed replays with access to 5 years of historical positional data. Negotiate better charter rates and identify optimal conditions for your operations. Ensure a seamless navigation experience and stay ahead with critical notifications, which allows you to adjust insurance coverage proactively.

more than just a map
Fleet IoT

Ensure optimal performance and safety by making informed decisions on routes, speed adjustments, and engine operations. With the Conning display you can visualise crucial details and receive instant alerts for vital events. Fleet IoT gives you a competitive edge as you receive real-time data directly from your vessel's bridge, including GPS, STW, SOG, Weather data, RPM, and more.

more than just a map

Facilitate seamless collaboration within your team by monitoring and assigning shared emails, all while ensuring robust email security. Streamline communication further by eliminating duplicates through instant notifications and AI sorting. Enhance your organisation with auto-filed emails, adaptable tagging, and easy large attachment transfers. Additionally, access real-time ship tracking and leverage MarineTraffic data for comprehensive insights into maritime activities.

Ensure you have the standard in ship tracking

A solution for every market

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