Floating storage regasification units are increasingly likely to be the go-to choice for new LNG import projects, given their lower cost, quicker time to come online and flexibility instead of their costlier onshore alternatives as countries pursue their decarbonization goals, according to Yoshikazu Kondo, General Manager of Mitsui OSK Lines’ offshore technical division.

Data & Tech

Accurately tracking flows of cargoes in commodity markets has been a challenge for a long time. Kpler has been a pioneer in developing the technology to accurately track commodity market flows. However, some countries are using a variety of techniques to disguise some cargo movements such as switching AIS signals or Ship to Ship transfers. Kpler team of analysts are able to identify these bringing light to the hidden moves of the market.

Data & Tech

Congestion events can impact supply and demand and become a major issue for all market players. Being able to identify them on time can provide an edge in the trading process.

Data & Tech

Here's an example on how to leverage Kpler's data. In the case-study below, the olefins desk analysts show how to use our data to examine the progress of Morgan's Point terminal.

Product Updates

In this webinar Clark Chahine, our head of product and Gaspard Duguet our product manager are presenting the different use cases of how to integrate Kpler data into your workflows by using the Terminal/Web app, the Excel add in and the API/SDK.