October 13, 2022

Kpler Grains Interesting Moves - What’s going on in the Black Sea?

A few weeks ago, Kpler released Grains & Oilseeds, a unique solution providing traders and analysts timely transparency on global agricultural commodities trade flows. It is no surprise that the Black Sea is one of the regions our early users watch the most. Here are a few interesting moves identified by Madeleine Overgaard, Senior Market Data Operation Manager.

A wheat cargo from Sevastopol headed to Syria

Vessel Matros Koshka loaded 27 kt of wheat from the Avlita Grain terminal in Sevastopol (Ukraine) on the 25th of September. The vessel was last seen on the 5th of October heading around the southern part of Cyprus, indicating Beirut as her next destination. Kpler analysts expect the vessel to be discharging her cargo in Syria instead.

It is common practice for Russian vessels carrying grains from the Black Sea to cover up their origin and destination by switching off AIS around 24-36 hours prior to their arrival at the ports. We received initial information that the vessel would discharge her cargo in Latakia port, in Syria. However, we have been monitoring this location and have not yet been able to fully identify the vessel there.

A vessel matching the description of Matros Koshka arrived in that port around the 6th of October and was last observed on the 11th with discharge operations still ongoing. The discharge will be reflected on the Kpler terminal as soon as it has been verified.

Matros Koshka's AIS was switched off in the Black Sea between 24th of September and 1st of October, thereby hiding her load port. The vessel icon reveals her last signal sent 5th of October. Kpler analysts expect the vessel to re-appear with updated draught level within 5-8 days and her heading back towards the Bosphorus Strait.

Two cargos headed to Indonesia from Ukraine

The first two cargos sourced via the Grains Initiative for Indonesian buyers have left the Black Sea: Shaman Wisdom loaded 33 kt wheat in Odessa with departure on the 5th of October. Meanwhile, Argonaut loaded 71 kt wheat in Yuzhny with departure on the 9th.

Both vessels have arrived offshore Istanbul and are ready for imminent departure towards Indonesia. Kpler analysts expect the two cargoes to arrive during the second half of November.

Bangladesh receiving wheat from Ukraine

The first four wheat cargos sourced via the Grains Initiative from Ukraine are now on the way to Bangladesh: Ince Akdeniz, SSI Pride, Mo gan Shan and Magnum Fortune. The vessels carry a total of 210 kt of wheat and are all expected to arrive during the second half of October.

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