October 20, 2023

Unveiling our new look: The Kpler rebranding story

At Kpler, our journey over the past decade has been nothing short of transformative. With five acquisitions in 18 months and a growth of more than five times our size in three years, we have evolved into a company that needed a brand identity to match. It was time for a change that truly represented our company, our people, and our evolving product offerings.

Introducing our new brand, which captures the essence of the modern and innovative approach Kpler takes to providing a singular platform for global trade intelligence. We have streamlined our identity to be as simple and impactful as the insights and data we provide.

A bold new logo

One of the most significant changes is our logo. We have deliberately chosen to separate the logotype/signet from the wordmark, opting for a logo that features only the lowercase wordmark. We are excited to share that we have custom-designed our own typeface to bring a unique touch to the brand. Our iconic hexagon shape is still present, symbolising our roots in technology, but with a fresh twist. The colour palette has also evolved, shifting from orange to a richer, more dynamic red, accompanied by a deeper, more focused grey.

The symbolism of our icon

Our icon, or logotype/signet, carries a profound meaning. It represents the transformation from opacity to transparency, akin to how we illuminate the often opaque world of global trade. The transparency section symbolises forward movement and progress, while the opaque space on the left is reminiscent of the past. This asymmetry is a deliberate choice, representing the unique and innovative approach to global trade intelligence by Kpler.

The feedback from our team and clients has been incredibly positive. This new identity has revitalised our team’s spirit and solidified our commitment to continual innovation.

Our rebranding was a collaborative, in-house effort, underlining the importance of involving our team in the transformation process. This approach fostered a sense of ownership and pride in our new identity. The entire process, from designing the new logo to developing the brand, website, and all necessary templates and collateral, took us just three months.

Embracing the future

But this is just the beginning. Our rebranding is a stepping stone towards a future filled with more innovation in our product design and customer engagement. We are committed to placing our customers at the centre of our design and experience. So, stay tuned - the best is yet to come.

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