June 5, 2024

Whitepaper: Global LPG market overview

Our latest report, "Global LPG market overview," provides an extensive analysis of the major trends shaping the global LPG market, broken down by country, and offers comprehensive supply and demand analysis, as well as market projections.

Written by Ciaran Tyler, the report analyses the global LPG market across two primary regions: West of Suez and East of Suez. It delivers country-by-country breakdowns of the key factors influencing their supply or demand and offers insight into the entire global LPG market. The report provides valuable commentary on the driving forces for LPG prices on both regional and global scales.

The report answers pressing questions, including:

  • How have LPG waterborne flows shifted in recent years and what does this mean for the global market over the next few years?
  • How has the VLGC freight market developed over time in relation to spot versus time-chartered contracts and how will this develop going forward?
  • How has the supply of LPG evolved over the past decade and how will output develop over the coming years and which markets will have the greatest impact?
  • How has LPG demand developed in major countries based on key sectors and how will demand evolve over the coming years and in which markets?
  • How are supply and demand fundamentals playing out this year and into next year and what effect will this have on balances and prices?

You can access the report here.

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