Plug and play

Inbox works with any web browser.

Access AIS Global Fleet information from MarineTraffic with one-click.

Accurate and consistent

Sort email with our AI system, reducing clutter by eliminating duplicates.

Send large attachments and generate sharing links without third-party software and without overloading your inbox.

Secure and robust

Contact our globally distributed team, which covers all time zones.

Rest assured, our NDA contract guarantees a 99% uptime for Inbox.

Secure backup and fast search for all your emails to improve your efficiency.

Transparent team communication

Experience Faster Email Management and Enhanced Clarity from Day One

More time spent on archiving huge email volumes than reading them?

Auto-file emails with folder rules or hashtags.

Utilise an adaptable tagging system for organised communication.

Fed up with endless email forwarding to find out who's in charge?

Monitor all emails in a shared team inbox.

Assign emails to specific members using mentions, enhancing collaboration.

Track team activity in real-time to avoid duplicate efforts.

Get instant notifications and eliminate duplicate emails, no need to forward things any more.

Drowning in emails and battling storage woes?"

Unlock unlimited history with our super-fast search function.

Say goodbye to storage limits and archive files.

Master in 5 Minutes Our Sleek, Fast, and User-Friendly Interface

Transparent Team Communication

See both incoming & outgoing emails in a single view

Super fast “Google-like” search function

See how many team members have read this email

Inbox directory/Shared address book

See all the mailboxes which have received the same email

See both incoming & outgoing emails in a single view

No more storage limit, no more archive files

See how many team members have read this email

Integrated chat

Shared folders for depts or teams

Integrated ships database

Inbox directory/Shared address book

Length of email thread

Number of team activities

Start a team discussion in the context of the email

See the actions taken by team members

See all the mailboxes which have received the same email

Lookup specification of ship

Lookup AIS data of ship

Who we serve

Kpler's inbox fosters communication and collaboration among all teams.

For shipbrokers

Foster client relations for faster fixture acquisitions and efficient email handling. Streamline communication, reduce data entry, and leverage market insights for effortless cargo distribution. Utilise a single platform to enhance team visibility, prioritise tasks, and filter key decision-making data.

For charterers

Access historical data remotely, conduct route and vessel assessments for assured ship fixing. Auto-prioritise messages to seize crucial inbox opportunities and never miss communication from key contacts. Engage with teams across your organisation, and swiftly access message context for faster collaboration and fixing.

For vessel operators & fleet managers

Prioritise fleet management with streamlined inbox organisation. Ensure key emails stand out by integrating relevant data, such as ship tracking or AIS position from MarineTraffic.  Foster cross-team collaboration, accessing valuable insights and context for informed actions.

Manage your email workflow efficiently