October 18, 2022

Kpler releases new crude supply & demand assessment tool

Kpler, a fast-growing leader in technology-led data, analytics, and market insight, today launches a crude supply and demand assessment tool to help crude market professionals and downstream consumers better navigate the turbulent and uncertain global crude markets.

Kpler Crude Supply and Demand (S&D) is based on three sets of proprietary data:

- Kpler Crude Flows - past and real-time data on crude and condensates global trade flows
- Kpler Crude Inventories - past and real-time data on crude storage facilities’s capacity utilisation
- JBC Energy-inherited crude and refined products models, built on two decades’ worth of constant enhancements led by market experts

The three proprietary data sets have been combined to result in a powerful crude supply and demand assessment tool, providing users with current assessments of crude supply and demand at global, regional and country levels. These assessments are updated three times a month and forecasts extend to 18 months ahead; included components such as inventories changes or crude flows allow customers to see precisely how and why  balances are changing.

The product represents a new approach to delivering crude S&D balances for market professionals by utilising Kpler’s best-in-class proprietary data and taking a systematic and integrated approach, compared to competitors that rely on disparate public information and are forced to model out certain elements that Kpler captures with its proprietary data.

Due to high market uncertainty and volatility - driven by the conflict in Ukraine and a looming economic recession - Kpler’s new product aims at helping market professionals better understand the current supply and demand dynamics. It will also help users to better anticipate balances and price developments, to build more efficient trading strategies.

François Cazor, Kpler’s CEO, commented: “Kpler’s new Crude Supply and Demand product demonstrates again our ability to integrate Kpler organic data sets with ones stemming from acquired companies, to build smart products that facilitate sustainable and efficient trade. Our new offering not only brings users’ great value in uncertain market times, it also stresses how our corporate and product roadmaps are aligned, as the acquisition of JBC Energy this year has proved instrumental in making this release possible.”

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