June 8, 2023

Kpler selected as official data provider for WTO's new Global Trade Data Portal

  • WTO selects data and analytics company Kpler for Global Trade Data Portal real time data insights
  • This marks the first time the WTO is using cargo-tracking data technologies
  • WTO Global Trade Data Portal aims at improving transparency on trade in the context of growing global concerns about food security, 
  • Portal offers valuable information for policymakers and supports trade decision-making processes: monitoring of grain shipments, imports and chokepoints
  • Partnership enhances timeliness and scope of information available to WTO, for dialogue with international stakeholders and its member states 

BRUSSELS, 8 JUNE 2023 - The World Trade Organization (WTO) has announced its partnership with Kpler, a leading global trade analytics platform, for its groundbreaking Global Trade Data Portal. Kpler's cutting-edge data analytics platform will offer real-time access to global wheat trade data, revolutionizing the way global trade flows are monitored and analyzed.

The collaboration between the WTO and Kpler comes in response to the need for accurate and timely trade data following concerns expressed by WTO members in relation to food security and potential food supply chain disruptions, including as a result of the outbreak of conflict in Ukraine in February 2022. 

Seeking real-time insights on the evolution of wheat maritime trade to enhance transparency, WTO collaborated with the International Grains Council to build a real-time food security monitoring dashboard, powered by Kpler data. 

"We commend the WTO for embracing real-time data technologies to closely monitor trade developments" said François Cazor. 

He added: "With commodity markets continuing to converge, timely responses to supply chain crises require reliable data and analytics. Kpler’s wide-ranging real-time coverage empowers policy makers to navigate through changing market conditions with confidence.”

The partnership between the WTO and Kpler results in the strengthening of the information flow available to the WTO and its members. Kpler's selection as the official data provider for the Global Trade Data Portal demonstrates the company's expertise in delivering comprehensive and reliable trade data insights to key industry players and stakeholders.

Kpler's remarkable trajectory in providing innovative solutions across various commodities highlights the interconnectedness of the global trade landscape.

Siavosh Arasteh, Head of Kpler's Agricultural Commodities Business Unit, emphasized the importance of efficient trade logistics for global food security. "The world runs on less than 60 days of available food supplies. The Kpler Global Trade Analytics Platform has a key role to play in bringing real-time clarity to trade flows, from soil nutrients, cash crops, to the biomass. We are dedicated to supporting the WTO, the IGC, and other stakeholders in their monitoring of the global supply chain," Arasteh stated.

The WTO's Global Trade Data Portal aims to provide real-time, detailed "port by port" monitoring of grain shipping, especially to net food importing developing countries. With approximately 415 million metric tons of grains (18% of global consumption) being traded globally, real-time data on imports, import bills, chokepoints, trade facilitation, and freight costs will offer valuable information for policymakers and support trade decision-making processes.

Kpler's collaboration with the WTO marks a significant milestone in facilitating efficient and sustainable trade. The partnership will enhance the monitoring and analysis of global trade flows, contributing to improved food security and supporting informed policy decisions.

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